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BiscuitV comes to Possuum Country from the Detroit, MI area.

Biscuit is a single white male who has adopted 5 children (ages 11-25) from his area. He loves gardening and MOON PIES! His name alone is fun and well fitting in the folk art world.

We have seen BiscuitV grow in creating and his artwork is very collectible.  Congrats to all of you who got in on the ground floor with this fine artist. BiscuitV’s work is sought after at folk art shows where we take his work. 

He specializes in “Black folk art”. He has created a wonderful black character with a great personality called GRANDMA. The woman is busy gardening, baking, taking care of those kids and occasionally finds herself at the doctors office.

Don’t be upset at this white artist creating black art…his children are African-Americans and they couldn’t have found a better Dad to mentor them. More people need to follow this family’s lead. I thought we were susposed to judge people by the content of their character.....not the color of their skin.

BiscuitV has moved on to doing some very fine animal folkart creations. BiscuitV does lots of volunteer work for his local animal shelter and he donates the proceeds of his animal paintings to his local “no kill” shelter.


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