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Madison Latimer


A few words from Madison

My art exudes energy and is a celebration of life, and the overwhelming condition of the human spirit. My art seemed to begin with the death of three relatives that were killed in a ten-wheeler accident in 1995. Through the healing I began to understand and feel the connection with the energy that provides life for all of us. I began to be aware that we are all connected here in the present time to something greater, connected to an eternal force from which we all come. My purpose for this world began to express itself through my art.

I felt directed to express this through my feelings and art. I knew I needed to create something about the importance of the energy of life; the meaning of life to us in this world. But, I didn't have a format for this expression until one day I saw this little chicken in the barnyard, "Being; just happy." I realized that the chicken was a continuation of the life force that is present in all of us.

We're HAPPY to have Madison's art in our gallery.




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