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Cheryl Frances




Art has been a part of my life ever since I made glitter pictures

with Mama at the kitchen table.  My current body of work

incorporates mixed media with found objects. 


My ideas originate when I'm asleep, when I'm awake, when

I'm with friends, when I read, think, travel, play with children,

and pet kitties.  I especially like using wordplay, creating

narrative dioramas and literal imagery out of metaphors and proverbs.


I use vintage wooden objects, including children's blocks and playthings,

to form the base of many pieces, to which I add a combination of paper,

clay, acrylic paint, text from vintage books, and other doo-dah's to create

whimsical narrative figures and scenes. I often mount compositions on

upcycled vintage objects, reclaimed wood or found book covers.  

Working with tongue firmly in cheek, I add humor and imagination to

make pieces that I hope will both create and stir memories!


My process involves cutting, hand carving, sanding bits of wood, joining

objects and sculpting details with paper and clay. Each piece is sanded

and primed, lastly, I use paint and other embellishments to add humor

and personality.


Each piece is an original, and has a title that helps tell its story.  I have

shown in galleries and juried art shows around the country; my work is

in private and museum collections, I’ve won awards and  been included

in numerous publications.  I've been a working artist since 1994.                           



We’re happy to have Cheryl in our gallery………..Sheila

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