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Beth Gumnick


A high school theater teacher by day, Beth has always had the urge to create in one way or another.    She’s always been a maker, and it was never a question whether she’d be an artist when she grew up, just a matter of which kind of art she would create.  Beth loves all art forms—music, theater, painting, as well as animals and all things vintage.  When she’s not teaching and making theater or painting, she and her husband love to rescue animals and bring old furniture back to its former glory.  She appreciates bringing back the beauty in what others think of as old and used up, and finding a new life for what others would through away, often painting on scrap wood that is left over from theater set construction projects. Beth is inspired every day by her students and her fellow artists, and her own home is filled with the work of self-taught artists, vintage furniture, and her furry muses, Melba, Prudence, Clovis and Dot.    


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