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Jessie LaVon Memory Artist


I was born a sharecroppers daughter in 1955 to Geneva Yelverton.

I try to capture my family’s way of life from the early 1900’s to the

late 1970’s.   My paintings show a forgotten past and reflects the

disappearing scenes of the south. The south feeds my soul. I call

my paintings "Suthern'ality Style"

One of my most popular subjects is the “Snake Tree Ceremony.” 

My family has always had a snake tree.  About the Snake Tree….

it was a hollowed out cypress tree that my Uncle Ed used when

the crops needed rain...he would draw a circle of salt around the

tree...say a chant...start a slow burning fire in the hollowtree...

kill a snake from the swamp...rub the snake’s blood on the tree 

and hang the dead snake in the tree.  My snake tree paintings

are all copyrighted.

My first canvases were made when Mama and Nanny boiled

rabbit bones to make a glue and they would dip pieces of

white linen cloth in the rabbit glue. My paint was made from

post hole muds, berries, plants and coffee grounds.

Painting is a haunting beauty to me.  I am at peace when I paint.

My art is dedicated to my late nephew, fallen hero Spec-4

Andrew Hand who died in 2010 in Afghanistan, he was 25 years old

and to my late beloved Mama who is dancing in the sky with Andrew.

My art is all over the USA, in England, Japan, Canada and Australia.


 Sheila says: “We love Jessie’s work and are

     proud to welcome her to our gallery”


JESSIE'S PAINTINGS LOOK GREAT.....Hanging by themselves.....BUT....



Just talked yesterday with Jessie, bless her heart, that poor lady has had more health problems than anyone should have to endure.  She said that she has some surprise expenses, and that we should run a sale on her artwork.  All of her paintings were priced at $225……she said “give ‘em 40% OFF.”  

That means $90.ºº OFF ........NOW JUST $135.ºº each+ s/h.

 Sale Extended until Saturday AUGUST 15th


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