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Pops Casey


Casey Lewandowski aka:

Pops Casey is from Chicago, Illinois. 

He is a true outsider. He is totally self-taught.

 In his early years Pops was interested in black & white photography. He would take

pictures and then create art from them.


 In his mid-life years he was a carpenter. This taught him the strength and limitations of wood.

Because he was around wood so much he became interested in antiques, learning more and

more about their beauty, history and the art of their craftsmanship. This peaked his interest i

nto what he could create from wood.


 Pops then blended his three skills; photography, mastery of wood and love of all things old.

He started making tramp art. The wood skill of notching strips of wood and building those

strips up in layers. Pops has made lamps, shelves, pictures frames, boxes and dressers.

Pop’s creations are one of a kind. He draws ideas from our country’s past, his life experiences,

his family, culture and religious traditions. Pops is a patriotic artist and very committed to his faith…

you will see it come out in his artwork.  Get to know his style and there is just something

about it that draws you in.


He has been written up in Antique Week Magazine, sold art at major folk art shows, and

has collectors all over America and in Europe.


Get to know his style and there is just something about it that draws you in.


We’re glad to have his work here in Possum County Folk Art Gallery.



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