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Jimmy W


We're glad to have Jimmy Weaver's Artwork in our gallery

We met Jimmy several years ago by working some shows together. I've always loved his artwork.

Jimmy is a memory painter...meaning he paints things that he remembers from his childhood.

He was born in 1943 in the small town of Sheffield, Alabama. He started painting at the age of 60 (2004).

He expresses his gratitude to be able to do what he does because he had no formal training in art and

hopes he can inspire others that "If I can do it, you can too!"

He says people have different reactions to his paintings. Some describe it as simple, naive and childlike.

He gets smiles, tears and outright laughter.

Jimmy says he wishes somethings were the same as his early childhood days....when kids played outside,

made up games, made do with what they had, knew their neighbors and cared about people like the

neighbors did back then.

He recalls most houses had porches with swings. And the neighbors would sit out on those porches

and relax on their swings. He wants his works to convey some of those simple things from back then.

We were so glad to have Jimmy join us at Possum County.
I know you're going to love his paintings as much as I do.



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