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Steve Meadows



In a previous life Steve Meadows used to be a building designer and contractor.

 In his present life, Steve has become a tourist attraction in his small Illinois town.

If you enter his studio and gallery, the first thing you will notice is color everywhere!

And then it hits you that these bright objects had another life… They were bread pans,

roaster lids, cake pans, springs, sprockets, insulators, cookie cutters and so much more.

Sometimes Steve is called a POT HEAD….don’t take it literally!  Just don’t let him in your

kitchen….if you do suddenly pots, pans and gadgets will start disappearing!

When we first met Steve, 15 years ago, we were both working Slotin’s Folk Fest in Atlanta.

Steve was wandering the parking lot, checking the ground, looking for “OBJECTS”…..

bottle caps, pull tabs or anything that he could attach to a fish or a junk yard dog.  

It’s contagious…..now we regularly find ourselves (without Steve) looking down on

the ground for "stuff."

Steve’s folk art is so creative….he must be represented in every folk art collection

…..and you can’t have JUST ONE!

Steve works premium folk art shows all over the country…and we are so fortunate

to have him join us here at Possum County Folk Art Gallery! 



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