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Colorful Picture Frames



An artist friend of ours has an unusual business.  He re-cycles old picture frames by adding his unique embelishments with paint and brush or he adds buttons, beads, bottle caps, mirrors, keys, rocks, scrabble letters, broken jewelry, sea shells and doodads of all kinds.   Converting a "run of the mill" frame into a work of art.

Some of these frames still have the original prints, photos, paintings in place.  Some have nice mats. If you like the original insert...display "as is"....or add YOUR photo, print, painting, etc.  

If there is an insert we'll show it....and show the size of the mat...and we also show the same frame with grey panel and list the size of print you can use.

Some have pictures or prints...some don't...some have mats..some don't.....some have glass...some don't.  We'll try our best to give accurate descriptions.


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