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Otto Schneider


George and I met Otto in Chicago several years ago.

He is very reclusive….He has no phone, cell phone, computer, etc.

In fact, we do not know exactly where he lives. He calls us to meet him at a destination he chooses (usually a McDonalds) . We finally got a picture of him. He was in a really good mood that day.

We do not know his financial status…wether he is loaded or down and out! We always pay him CASH!...no checks! He will not discuss his lifestyle. He is always clean. We do not believe that he has mental issues….he just keeps to himself.

He creates a lot of artwork relating to Chicago...gangs, famous buildings, Wrigley field, the Cubs, etc. I guess it’s his concept of what is happening in Chicago.

In the fall we took him a bunch of smooth wood panels to paint on...he does better work on good wood. We’ll keep supplying him to keep him busy! As far as I know we are the only gallery selling his art...the rest he just sells “on the street”.

We recently met him in Chicago and picked up his newest creations. He’s found some bright colored paints and his stuff LOOKS GREAT!

He’s kind of a strange guy......but....we love his art.


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