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Sheila's BLOG #15 -


NUMBER 15 - October 2021


Here's some random thoughts....

Did you read about the Danish artist pocketing $84,000 from a museum, calling his art installation "Take the Money and Run"

The Kunsten Museum of Art in Aalborg, Denmark paid artist Jens Haaning in advance to re-create two older sculptures. Instead, he kept the money without labor and called it conceptual art. Haaning tabbed his art as "Take the Money and Run" and it's simply two blank whiteboard frames without anything on them.

Look at these headlines…
people are stark raving MAD

Man reportedly suffers heart attack
while cuffed for not wearing mask outside
People getting attacked for wearing masks
People getting attacked for not wearing masks
Airline personnel attacked by passengers
Nurses attacked in the hospital rooms
Parents attacking teachers in the school room
Grocery store shelves empty & prices going sky-high.
McDonald employees attacked because they forgot the french fries, or the coffee was cold, or the burger didn’t have enough catsup.

The Post Office is S-l-o-o-o-w-i-n-g down deliveries ON PURPOSE How stupid is that?….last Christmas we had more complaints about slow deliveries than ever before…so I guess this year we'll be really overwhelmed!

I read that there are 500,000 containers floating around off the west coast because they don’t have enough people to unload them or because they don’t have enough trucks or truck drivers.

People don’t have jobs but there’s a million unfilled jobsWe are in the RV capital of America (Elkhart & LaGrange Counties, Indiana). There are new buildings going up everywhere and “help wanted” signs on every factory. Some offering signing bonuses up to $2500. It seems to me that everyone that really WANTS a job...can get one. It’s a different world than when I grew up. I remember baby sitting for a quarter an hour…honest!

People are still getting sick from the Covid and we’re losing close friends from it, right and left..many more than last year when the virus first hit us.

I personally know people that are not going to invite relatives for the holidays this year because of arguments over the wearing of masks…or not….and, of course, differences in their politics. How juvenile!

Speaking of the holidays…this year we suggest that y’all give gifts of folk art. Real honest to goodness, American made FOLK ART, not the kind sold at the Lobby that was made by a machine in China. Real art cannot be made by a machine! Keep the money in America…just ignore those containers floating around with all the “rip-off art”. If you order gifts from us you’ll know exactly who made it…AND…that artist will get the biggest share of the sale price. Those big box stores don’t need the money…the artists do!

Speaking about the artists….I suggest that you attend a real Folk Art Show soon…. and deal directly with the artists.

This Sat & Sun - Oct 9 & 10 there will be dozens of artists that you can meet personally at FINISTER FEST at Paradise Garden in Summerville, GA


This Sat & Sun - Oct 9 & 10 visit
MELROSE PLANTATION FOLK ART SHOWMelrose, LA - While here say "HI" to our friend Hambone


Next weekend OCT 16 & 17 visit the
KENTUCK(it’s Not in Kentucky)- 50th Annual Festival
It’s the BEST FOLK ART FESTIVAL in the Country
Northport, Alabama
across the river from Tuscaloosa


George and I would LOVE to be at

but, his health won’t allow us to travel…
he can’t be in crowds and exposed to anything.

We’d especially like to be “at the scene of the crime”
in Summerville, GA at the gardens where
Rev. HOWARD FINSTER married us on
Oct 27th, 1996...25 YEARS AGO

….and we’re still in love!

Thanks for Loving Folk Art….

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