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Sheila's Folk Art Blog #14 - 27 July 2021

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SHEILA'S FOLK ART BLOG #14 - 27 July 2021



Saturday, July 17, 2021 was a day to remember in Sandy Hook, KY

The morning brought lots of rain, but then it lightened up as 10am, opening time for the MINNIE ADKINS DAY 2021 Celebration arrived.

Many states were represented…there were visitors from as far away as California and New York State. It was the largest “Minnie Day” ever with over 70 different folk artists arriving to show and sell their unique creations.

Most everyone seemed to have a good time and just ignored the weather.

So sorry that we couldn’t attend, but George’s health wouldn’t permit it. He cannot take a chance of being in crowds.

Of course, EVERYONE wanted to see, talk with and get their picture taken with the “Queen for the Day”. Minnie was busy, busy, busy and SOLD OUT her table full of her carvings and paintings. Many other artists had great sales for the day, also. Usually, Minnie and I talk, almost daily but I didn’t hear from her till Sunday afternoon when she recovered her lost voice. We were thrilled that “her day" was such a success and happy for the many folks that were lucky enough to get a carving by Minnie to take home….folks that arrived later, were disappointed that she has sold out early. Lots of pleasant memories were made by all.

NOTE: We were happy for her, but disappointed that she didn’t have anything left to send us to put in our gallery website…BUT….have no fear, she working hot and heavy and has promised us a shipment in a few weeks.  



Self-Taught Art, Pottery, Quilts & Paradise Garden Fundraiser
AUGUST 7 & 8, 2021
650 Lots - Online, Phone & Absentee Bids Only

View Catalog & Bid Online

Sheila says….Even if you can’t afford their prices be sure
to check out the auction…you’ll learn a lot about folk art.


A FEW WORDS ABOUT OUR ARTISTS…Our artists are more concerned with the SPIRIT of the work than their artistic credentials. Some of our artists have training….some not….but, all have an overwhelming desire to create art. Sometimes their art defies categorization. They actually create art for themselves, if others like it and want to buy it…that’s a bonus. Outsider artists are more likely to gather their raw materials and supplies from a dumpster than purchase them from an art supply store


COMING SOON to Our Website
RICHARD ROEBUCK…the great Georgia
Memory Painter..we’re getting new
paintings made special for us…SOON!
MINNIE ADKINS…carvings and paintings
we’ll get her “classic designs” PLUS
some items she’s never made before
WILLARD J……(1943 - 2015)
we’re getting some more “Whimseys” and
paintings from his daughters collection
EDDIE ARMSTRONG……Arkansas Carver
He has promised us a shipment soon…BUT…
we never know what he’ll send…we’re
always surprised when we open the box.


Did you see the colorful paintings from our
newest artist LeAnne Smith from Georgia.
We love her work and are thrilled to
have her in our gallery
Last week we were happy to get a nice big shipment of
unique creations byMissionary Mary Proctor
Please look at her home page…many new designs and subjects
We also received several new “Brand Mascots”
from Heidi Wolfe….her detail work is superb!
Start your collection of her work NOW
We finally received a few memory paintings from South
Carolina from our friend Squeakie Stone
our first shipment in over a year
Sorry...they're almost all sold!

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Let me know if you enjoy these videos
I can post more in future Blogs




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